Solvency and Financial Condition Report

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Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE)

CIE Leaflet 11/10

CIE was introduced in 2011 as the UK Government's latest initative to reduce the number of uninsured drivers in the UK. If you own a vehicle and it is not insured or declared as being "off the road" by way of a SORN declaration then you risk being fined or prosecuted and having your vehicle clamped, seized and ultimately destroyed. This leaflet tells you about CIE and the Motor Insurer's Database (MID) - which is used by the Police and other authorities to check whether your vehicle is insured or not it can also be used by you to check that your vehicle is included on the MID. You can find out more about CIE and the MID by going to

Motor Vehicle – Private Car

Policy Document (COPPOL0219)

MOTOR LEGAL EXPENSES - All queries or complaints relating to Motor Legal Expenses should be addressed to your insurance intermediary or the insurer who separately underwrites the policy.