Our Products

Available through Intermediaries

To find an intermediary close to you with whom we deal, please contact our Service Provider. Telephone 0345 470 0011


  • Short term (weekly, monthly and Quarterly)
  • Private and public hire


  • Car (private/business, credit hire, accident management)
  • Commercial vehicle (light haulage, removals, parcel delivery, courier)
  • Taxi (private/public hire, executive/chauffeur hire)
  • Haulage
  • Waste Removal
  • Rentals

Annual Taxi

  • Annual Taxi Cover


  • Courier Cover

Bespoke Motor

  • Bespoke Motor Insurance

Our Products

Available via the internet

Learner Driver

  • 'Top up' or own vehicle
  • Short term - 'pay as you learn'
  • Only while learning to drive

This product is perfect for the learner driver who either wants cover whilst learning to drive in their parents' car or in their own car, before they pass their driving test.

For a quote visit the dedicated learner driver site: www.collingwoodlearners.co.uk

Young Driver

  • Telematics Insurance
  • Ages 17-24
  • Flexible Payment Options

Young Driver Insurance is designed to get drivers aged 17-24 on the road. By combining Collingwood’s knowledge of this market and the installation of a Telematics box that records and scores each driver on his or her driving performance, we can provide competitive cover with discounts for safe driving.

For a quote visit the dedicated Young Driver site: www.youngdrivers.collingwood.co.uk

Convicted Driver

  • For Drivers with:
  • Points on their driving record
  • Driving Bans
  • Non-motoring Offences

Having a criminal conviction on your record presents its own set of challenges, and at Collingwood, we firmly believe getting car insurance shouldn’t be one of them. Even a minor offence can cause insurance companies to refuse cover, leaving you unable to drive to work and get around town. We understand your frustration and we are here to help.

For a quote visit the dedicated Convicted Driver site: www.motorinsurance.collingwood.co.uk

Annual Taxi

Collingwood Annual Taxi Insurance. If you're looking for low-cost, high-quality taxi insurance give one of our appointed intermediaries a call.

For more information visit the Annual Taxi page: www.collingwood.co.uk/annualtaxi